Puppy Sees People Going Down Waterslide And Has To Do It Too

"He liked it so much, he couldn't hold back!"

Of course this good dog named Bento knows how to sit — just don't ask him to do it on the sidelines.

Recently, the adorable golden retriever puppy was out enjoying a day at the beach with his owners in Brazil when he encountered a source of amusement he'd never seen before. There, on a steep, sandy slope, people had set up a waterslide sending riders into the ocean.

Though the faint of heart would surely shy away from such a thing, Bento isn't one of them. Upon seeing others riding the slide, the adventurous pup simply had to try it, too.

Here are two clips of Bento in action (swipe left for the second):

That's right — he loved the slide so much, he had to do it twice.

"Anyone have any doubts about who had the most fun on vacation?" Bento's owner wrote online. "He liked it so much, he couldn't hold back!"