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Woman Was Scared Of Neighbor's Pit Bull — Until He Saved Her Life

“She said, ‘Thank you for hearing me ... nice doggie'" ❤

This is Simba — a sweet-natured pit bull with the friendliest personality. Unfortunately, though, some people see him as scary simply because of his breed.

But recently the sweet pup proved them wrong.

Arjanit Mehana

Simba lives in an apartment in Sweden with his owner, Arjanit Mehana. There, despite the dog’s friendly advances, many folks in the building would go out of their way to avoid him. 

One neighbor in particular, an older woman who lives a floor below, was especially cold to Simba.

“He always tried to greet her, but she called him mean and looked at him with fear,” Mehana told The Dodo. “She never liked him because he was a ‘bad’ breed.”

Simba, however, never soured to her — which he soon proved in the sweetest way.

Arjanit Mehana

The other day, Mehana and Simba were returning home from a walk when they passed by the neighbor’s unit on their way up the stairs. It was at that moment the dog started acting strangely.

“He stopped,” Mehana said. “He began to bark and run to the door where the neighbor lives. I pulled the leash but he refused to come.”

Simba wouldn’t budge, so Mehana moved to pick him up. That was when he noticed a faint sound coming from inside:

“I heard a weak voice shout for help,” Mehana recalled. “She said, ‘Please don’t go.’”

The door was unlocked, so Mehana opened it — finding his neighbor collapsed on the floor.

Arjanit Mehana

“She had broken her hip and been in her home for a while,” Mehana said.

For two long days, she’d gone unnoticed. She was unable to move, and her life was in danger. 

Simba had sensed her just in time.

Arjanit Mehana

Mehana called for an ambulance, and he and Simba waited with the neighbor until it arrived. Her life had been saved by the dog who, before, she'd never warmed up to.

Of course, in a moment that all changed.

“She said, ‘Thank you for hearing me.’ I thought she was talking to me at first,” Mehana recalled. “But then she said, ‘No, not you — the nice doggie.’”

Turns out, that "bad" dog actually had a bigger heart than most. 

Arjanit Mehana

The neighbor is still in recovery, but that hasn’t stopped Simba from getting recognized as a hero.

Others in the building have begun showering him with treats and gifts.

While Simba certainly deserves them all, Mehana hopes his dog’s actions that day will lead to a shift in attitudes about more than his pup alone.

Arjanit Mehana

“I know Simba is a wonderful dog,” Mehana said. “But I hope this event will make people see bully breeds differently. We, as human beings, must deserve their loyalty and love.”

Simba proves they have plenty of it to go around.