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Pit Bull Dumped Outside Real Estate Office Waited Days For Help

A man working at a real estate business in Houston, Texas, found a pit bull lying next to his office building and posted a call for help on Facebook.

Someone had abandoned the dog — Timothy Hampson was sure of it. The 2-year-old pit bull was lying in the field next to his office building in Houston, Texas, and there was no way she got there by herself.

“The office is on the corner of two major highways — Texas Beltway 8 and 288,” Hampson told The Dodo. “It appeared as though she had been dumped or abandoned.”

Abandoned dog in field outside of Re/Max building
Penelope was found in a field outside of a Re/Max office building | Laura Forma

Hampson and his coworkers at Re/Max took pity on the dog, who is now named Penelope. “We immediately took to helping her,” Hampson said. “She was obviously hungry so we got her some dog food and gave her water. She was so appreciative.”

But Hampson didn’t have experience in rescuing dogs, so he wasn’t sure what to do next, and neither he — nor any of his coworkers — could take Penelope home. So he continued to put out food and water for her, and checked on her regularly.

Abandoned dog sleeping in field
Penelope stayed in the field for two days | Laura Forma

When Penelope was still in the field two days later, Hampson called animal control to see if they could help. But as soon as he put the call in, he got a bad feeling about it. “I didn’t want her going to the pound,” Hampson said. “I just didn’t think she would have a chance there.”

So Hampson took to Facebook — he wrote a post, asking if someone would rescue Penelope, and it found its way to Laura Forma, a woman who’s been rescuing dogs for the last three years. Forma offered to foster Penelope, and she asked the team at Brave Bully Rescue if they’d take official responsibility for Penelope's rescue and adoption process.

Dog lying in field
Laura Forma

Forma couldn’t get Penelope herself because of work commitments, so she sent her friend Alyssa Aguilar to pick Penelope up.

“Her teats are really saggy, so we were kind of nervous that there were puppies around,” Forma told The Dodo. “When we rescue moms who we think are nursing, we usually play a video of puppies crying, because the mom will usually lead you to where the puppies are. But she wasn’t doing anything, so we assume that someone dumped her.”

Abandoned dog with large teats
Laura Forma

Later, when Aguilar and Forma took Penelope to an animal hospital for a checkup, the vet pointed out that Penelope was actually in heat, which meant that she hadn’t had a litter for several months. But she’d definitely had puppies in the past — and probably several litters.

“She was way overbred,” Forma said. “It looks like she is nursing, but she’s not. Maybe she got too old and no one wanted her anymore and just dumped her there.”

Rescue dog sitting in front seat of car
Laura Forma

Penelope had cropped ears and scars on her head, and it looked like she hadn’t had a good meal in a long time.

“She’s so petite,” Forma said. “She’s only 40 pounds, and she’s really skinny — you can see her ribs and her thighs. She also had cropped ears and sad eyes. All this together made me sad. I wanted to be the person who would make her happy.”

Dog with sad looking eyes
Laura Forma

Aguilar kept Penelope at her house for a couple of days before Forma took her into foster care.

“When I first met her at Alyssa’s, she was just sleeping the entire time,” Forma said. “She was really happy to be somewhere that was sheltered. We were just sitting there with her, and she kept sleeping, and she really appreciated being off the streets. You can just tell.”

Dog with sad looking eyes
Laura Forma

Penelope may have been grateful to be in a home, but it still took her some time to adjust to domestic life.

“She doesn’t know what toys are,” Forma said. “She doesn’t know how to play with other dogs. When the vets came up to pet her, she didn’t know what was going on. She doesn’t know any love, or what attention is.”

Dog dressed up in pink outfit
Laura Forma

Forma showers Penelope with love to try and make up for the years she didn’t get it, and Penelope is slowly starting to perk up. “She’s sad, but she’s learning to be a dog,” Forma said.  “I want to make her happy. I want to be part of her journey.”

Dog with sad looking eyes
Laura Forma
Penelope will remain in foster care with Forma while she recovers, but she’ll eventually be up for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting Penelope, get in touch with Brave Bully Rescue. You can also help Penelope find the perfect home by making a donation.