Guy Drops Off Dog At Groomers — And Never Comes Back For Her

She's lived there for three years — so let's find her a home 💪❤️️

When a pit bull puppy named Eva walked into a dog grooming salon in Queens, she had no idea that it would soon become her home.

According to Eva's owner, his building manager would no longer allow him to keep her in the apartment. Instead of finding her a new home, he left her at the groomers temporarily.

For the past three years, Eva has lived in a narrow crate, with nothing to look forward to except the occasional visit from her owner. Until, eventually, the visits stopped — and so did the payment for her boarding.

Eva the abandoned pit bull on a walk
Sam Taylor

When Sam Taylor first heard about Eva from a friend, he couldn't believe what the nearly 4-year-old dog had been through.

"Eva doesn't know anything else. She's lived her life in this little basement cell," Taylor told The Dodo. "The whole situation just really got to me to the point where I thought, 'Eva just needs a home. This is insane.'"

Eva alone in her kennel at the groomers
Sam Taylor

Since Eva was abandoned, the groomers have taken care of the homeless dog — feeding her, walking her and even getting her vaccinated.

But resources are limited when it comes to giving Eva love and attention. Employees will try to spend time with her on breaks, but at night, Eva is left in the basement alone.

Sam Taylor

When the shop opens again the next day, Eva is always happy and eager to see people.

"Eva is about as sweet as can be despite her terrible ordeal," Taylor said, "calm, patient, smart, friendly. It’s hard to imagine the circumstance that would lead someone to abandon such a special dog."

The only trouble is that Eva's solitary life hasn't given her the chance to socialize with other animals. "There's so much that's new for her," Taylor said. "She doesn't really know how to react around other animals — she's great with people — super sweet and docile. But when she's walked, she has energy and that puppy instinct."

"She just hasn't had the chance to be a dog," he added.

Eva living in the basement of a groomer in Queens
Sam Taylor

Taylor reached out to animal rescues in the tristate area, but so far nobody has been able to find room for Eva. Now he's turned his search to finding Eva a forever home, where she can finally learn what it's like to be loved by a family.

"She is very smart and a total love — an experienced owner would have no trouble with her," Taylor said. "She is friendly and comfortable around both men and women. [Finding] someone with a bit of experience, time and patience to let Eva live a 'dog-life' she so desperately wants and deserves would be wonderful."

If you are interested in rescuing or adopting Eva, please email or send an Instagram message to @samtaylornyc.