Pigeon Forms Adorable Bond With Puppy Who Needed A Friend

They're perfect ❤️

It was clear from the start that this special needs puppy named Lundy really needed a friend.

And he found one in the most unexpected place.

Facebook/The Mia Foundation

Born with a condition that made him unable to walk properly, Lundy was placed under the care of The Mia Foundation in New York, which specializes in helping animals with disabilities. 

It was there that Lundy met someone else who knows what it’s like to be different — a pigeon named Herman.

Facebook/The Mia Foundation

Turns out, Herman and Lundy have a lot in common. The pigeon, like the puppy, had arrived to The Mia Foundation last year, unable to fly due to a suspected injury or illness. They also both have very big hearts.

The other day, caretakers at The Mia Foundation introduced Herman and Lundy, placing them in the same cozy bed. But it may have seemed like an unusual pairing, Herman and Lundy clearly didn't see things that way.

Facebook/The Mia Foundation

Herman and Lundy looked deeper — and found a new friend in one another.

Facebook/The Mia Foundation

What happened next might best be described as an adorable snugglefest — both puppy and pigeon delighting in each other's warm company.

Herman, the elder of the two, seemed to know that's exactly what Lundy needed.

Facebook/The Mia Foundation

Though they were both brought to The Mia Foundation because they were facing challenges, their blossoming friendship is the perfect happy ending to everything they've been through.

Facebook/The Mia Foundation

For special needs animals, like Herman and Lundy, life is sure to come with a few more challenges than for most — but with the love of their caretakers, and one another, those are challenges they'll never have to face alone.

Visit The Mia Foundation's website to find out how you can help.