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Cop Gets Chased Down By The Tiniest Little 'Criminal'

He had the best response to it 😂😂😂

It wasn't your average police chase.

Earlier this week, Officer Ray Schilke III responded to a rather unusual call while on duty with the Cape Coral Police Department in Florida. Evidently, a community member had spotted a playful little pig on the loose in the neighborhood, and called the authorities for assistance.

Upon arriving to the scene, however, Schilke III found himself in a rather comical situation.

The wayward pig began to chase him.

Cape Coral Police Department

Thankfully for the rest of us not present to witness what unfolded next, Schilke captured the persistent pig’s pursuit of him on video. This officer clearly has a good sense of humor.

“Oh no,” Schilke said. “The 'pigs' are being chased by little pigs.”

Here’s that moment:

Later in the clip, the officer encounters some neighbors who, while unable to name the pig’s owner, seem more amused by what was taking place than anything else.

Fortunately, however, this funny tale has a happy ending.

“Schilke III continued to go through the neighborhood until the owner was located not far from the original scene,” Master Sergeant Allan Kolak told The Dodo, going on to praise his colleague’s performance that day: 

“We are very happy with the way our officer handled the situation with adding some humor to the situation. He was having a little fun while performing his duties, interacting with a family, and ultimately reuniting a family pet with the owner.”