Chonky Cat Is So Chubby People Keep Thinking He’s Pregnant

“Fat Fred believes that humans are meant to serve him food at all times.”

This is Fat Fred — an exceptionally portly cat who spends his days lounging at the Furry Friends Animal Hospital in Louisiana.

But Fred’s presence there has led to some confusion.

Furry Friends Animal Hospital

Fred was adopted from a local animal shelter by veterinarian Marcia Riedel, at the time weighing in at a whopping 29 pounds. Still, Riedel soon discovered that the cat’s personality is even bigger than his waistline.

“I found that he prefers to roam around the clinic as the official greeter, rather than live at my house with its lack of constant exposure to admirers,” Riedel told The Dodo. “Fat Fred believes that humans are meant to serve him food at all times.”

The cat’s greatest trick, perhaps, has been convincing people that he’s eating for more than just himself.

Furry Friends Animal Hospital

Fat Fred likes to let it all hang out in the clinic’s front window, attracting the attention of passersby. He’s amassed quite a fan base, in fact, but his flabby frame often gives people the wrong impression.

“90 percent of the folks seeing him believe he is pregnant,” Riedel said.

Nope. It’s just fat.

Furry Friends Animal Hospital

In order to clear things up about Fat Fred, Riedel decided to post a sign on the window where he usually lazes:


The secret’s out — and the chonky cat has no idea.

“If Fat Fred could read the sign, he would likely rewrite it to say he is ‘NOT on a diet,’” Riedel said.

Furry Friends Animal Hospital

Fortunately, thanks to the help of his owner, Fred has begun to slim down. At his last weigh-in, he’d dropped to 25 pounds. That’s still quite hefty, but Fred’s otherwise healthy. 

Especially his hearing.

Furry Friends Animal Hospital

“He is actually very spry and can hear a morsel drop from one end of the clinic and arrive with amazing speed,” Riedel said.

One thing Fred’s not, however, is pregnant.

And now the world knows it.