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People Are Passing The Time By Photoshopping Their Cats' Faces Onto Bees

We can't look away!

Sure, necessity is the mother of invention. But boredom will do in a pinch.

Case in point: People are spending their suddenly abundant free time on a wildly innovative new art form β€” Photoshopping their cats' faces onto the bodies of bees.

Why? Why not.

Jessy Hanczaryk

The trend appears to have been started the other day by Jessy Hanczaryk. 

For no particular reason, she decided to Photoshop a few cat/bee hybrid pics of her cat Millie.

Jessy Hanczaryk

Hanczaryk was so amused by her creation that she shared them with her brother. He, in turn, posted them to Reddit

The pics were a hit β€” and they soon began spreading across social media like a swarm.

β€œI saw someone posted them on Facebook and someone else posted them on Instagram!” Hanczaryk told The Dodo. β€œI honestly had no idea that people would like them so much.”

Jessy Hanczaryk

It wasn't long before Hanczaryk's idea took off.

Other people (presumably with plenty of free time on their hands) began to follow her lead β€” creating new cat/bee hybrid pics with their own cats' faces.

No rhyme? No reason?

No problem.

Since then, cats from all over have started appearing on the bodies of bees.

Some people have even begun expanding on the concept β€” Photoshopping their cats' face on the bodies of other winged insects.

A calico moth? That works too!

Having nothing better to do has never been so weirdly productive.

Where things go from here is anyone's guess. But if there's one upside to too much downtime, clearly, it's this.