Kitten No One Wanted Finds Woman She Loves And Won't Let Go

"I picked her up, and she immediately latched onto me with all four feet."

It was just another day in the life of an animal lover earlier this week when Carla Reilly Moore, cofounder of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Kingston, Ontario, was on her way to rescue two 3-week-old chicks listed online for free — but she’d end up saving three lives that day.

“Sometimes in animal rescue things don't always happen as planned,” Moore told The Dodo. 

Tiny unwanted kitten adopts woman
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Moore drove into Kingston and adopted the two baby chicks from the apartment where they were being kept. With the two chicks in her car, she stopped by the local feedlot, which she often visits, to get supplies for all her rescued animals

"In this particular feed store, they have a special cage that they use to house the chicks and ducklings that they often have for sale,” Moore explained. "Today was different.” 

Inside the cage was a tiny calico kitten who was crying. “When she saw me she came right to the front of the cage and made eye contact with me,” Moore said.

But Moore and her husband already have six cats, not to mention the farm animals they rescue, at their sanctuary. 

Kitten adopts woman
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

“We really didn't plan on having more, but ... I couldn't resist at least picking her up to give her some comfort,” Moore said. "I picked her up, and she immediately latched onto me with all four feet."

The tiny cat nuzzled into Moore's hair and just stayed there.

"When I tried to put her back into the cage, I couldn't get her to let go," Moore said. "I had someone help me and they couldn't do it either. She had picked me. Sometimes these things just happen.”

Kitten adopts woman
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Barn cats in rural areas are often not spayed or neutered, so the females end up having litter after litter of kittens. And many people don’t want to have any female cats, like the little calico, around their farms because of that. “They don't want to have to deal with kittens,” Moore said. "So I honestly don't know what happens to most females, but it's not good."

Tiny kitten being given away in Kingston, Ontario
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

But this tiny female was determined to have a good home. And so she adopted the woman who opened the cage and comforted her while she was crying.

Woman brings stray kitten home
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Moore was pretty convinced this tiny kitten was the newest member of her family — but she still had to convince her other half. "I sent him a few videos of the situation,” Moore said. When he didn’t respond right away, she figured she’d go ahead and drive home — with the tiny kitten attached. “Even if I could pry her off me, I certainly couldn't leave her there."

For the rest of the afternoon, Moore still could not get the kitten to let go. "I went about my chores in the barn with a kitten attached to me,” Moore said. "I ended up carrying her in a baby carrier, so that she could be close to me and feel my movements, and not be so afraid.”

Kitten at her new home
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Obviously, the family is keeping her. Moore’s 7-year-old son named the kitten Treasure, but Moore calls her Lola. The tiny cat who wouldn’t stop crying went from an anonymous barn kitten no one wanted to a beloved family pet — with two names.

Kitten sleeping in her new home
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary
To help Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary and all its special residents, Lola included, you can make a donation