Video Captures Woman Throwing Away Puppies Near Coachella

They were only three days old — but they're safe now 💛

Update 4/23/2019: Since the publication of this article, officials have arrested the woman responsible for dumping the puppies. The 38 dogs found at her residence have been taken in by Riverside County Animal Services and are receiving care.

A 10-minute drive from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the most talked-about music event of 2019, seven puppies were fighting for survival.

The 3-day-old terrier mixes should have been with their mom. Instead, on Thursday, they were facing unspeakable cruelty — tied in a plastic bag and tossed next to a dumpster of an auto parts store.

Woman dumps puppies in Coachella, CA
Riverside County Animal Services

"A woman in a Jeep pulled up, exited the Jeep carrying a plastic bag in one of her hands and walked toward a dumpster used for recycling materials,” Riverside County Animal Services wrote in a press release. “She shut the recycling dumpster and dropped the clear, plastic bag next in a trash dumpster and drove away."

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As temperatures climbed to the mid-90s, the puppies’ chance of survival grew slim. But one small act of kindness made the difference between life and death.

A Good Samaritan, named John, noticed the bag while rummaging through the dumpster and brought it inside the store. An animal services officer collected the puppies and rushed them to the shelter’s veterinary team who was standing by.

3-day-old puppies dumped in Coachella Dumpster
Riverside County Animal Services

“There is no excuse for dumping puppies,” Commander Chris Mayer said in the release. “Especially in today’s age when we or other shelters would be willing to get these animals to foster parents or rescue partners. This was a shameful act.”

Tiny newborn puppies found in plastic bag
Riverside County Animal Services

The newborn puppies require round-the-clock care and constant bottle feeding — a task too strenuous for a city shelter with limited resources. So MeoowzResQ, a nonprofit organization devoted to kitten and cat rescue, stepped forward to help the pups.

The dogs have since been placed in foster care and are finally getting the love and attention they need.

Dumped puppies in Coachella, California
Riverside County Animal Services

After such a rough start to life, the foster families are doing everything they can to help the pups grow up strong.

To help support the puppies’ care, you can make a donation to MeoowzResQ.