Recent Grad And Beloved Dog Recreate Photo From His First Day Of School

"So many memories" ❤️

The passing of time isn't measured merely in months and years, but in loving memories made along the way.

Just ask this good dog named Ruger. He's made plenty.

Corie Bliss

Ruger was just a puppy when he was adopted by Corie Bliss and her family more than a decade ago. He's brought them joy every moment since then. 

"We try to bring him with us everywhere," Bliss told The Dodo. "He's super loyal and loves his family."

Naturally, as a puppy, Ruger formed a fast friendship with Bliss' son, Dylan. Being just a little boy when they first met, Dylan has passed pretty much each and every milestone so far with Ruger by his side. And recently, Bliss found a lovely way to show it.

"I was looking at old pics, and came across Dylan's first day of first grade pic with Ruger, when Ruger was a puppy," Bliss said. "I wanted to recreate the picture the night of his high school graduation."

And sure enough, it came out perfect:

Corie Bliss

Looking at the two photos side by side, and the bond spanning years captured there, Bliss couldn't help but tear up:

"Lots of running mascara," she said. "So many memories."

Dylan agrees.

"Having Ruger with me throughout school was great," he told The Dodo. "No matter what grade I was in, I always have memories of coming home and getting greeted by Ruger at the door."

Despite being an older dog, now facing health challenges, Ruger is making memories still.

Corie Bliss

There's no slowing the passing of time, of course. But the legacy of love from dogs like Ruger never fades.