Lady Wasn't Allowed To Have Dogs So Her Neighbors Built Her A Little Window

It’s the pup’s favorite place in the world.

The only downside of Laryssa Giles’ apartment was that owning a dog was against the landlord’s rules. Though she had a wonderful cat at home, she still longed for a pup.

Luckily, her prayers were answered when her neighbors brought home Jake, a Great Pyrenees and Bernese mountain dog mix. All she had to do to get her dog fix was leave the house — and Jake would be waiting.

A Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Jake
Laryssa Giles

“The fence was quite decrepit when I first moved in that house, so when Jake was a puppy I used to reach over the fence and he'd stand on his back feet so I was just able to reach his nose,” Giles told The Dodo. “As he got taller, I could pet his head.”

When the fence was redone, it was made significantly taller. However, the neighbors had spied the secret petting sessions and offered a solution: a little window.

“They called my landlords,” Giles said, “to confirm that it would be OK with them.”

Of course, the landlord said, “Yes.”

Jake the dog waits for pets at his fence window
Laryssa Giles

Whenever Jake heard Giles leave the house, the dog would put his paws up on the window, and wait patiently for Giles to shower him with affection.

Jake was by no means ignored by his owners, he just loved attention — wherever he could get it.

"His owners are amazing people," Giles said. "I've never seen a more content dog."

With the window in place, spending time with Jake became one of Giles’ “daily routines,” she said.

Jake, who spends most of his time outside greeting the neighbors or resting in his insulated doghouse, was always there when she needed him — no matter the weather. 

“He loves being outside, mostly refuses to go inside,” Giles wrote on Reddit. “When he does want inside he stands on the bench and looks in the kitchen window until they let him in.”

Giles has since gotten married and moved to a different town, but she still goes back every now and then to visit Jake.

Jake gets pets from his neighbor through the fence window
Laryssa Giles

Though it’s always hard to say goodbye to her friend, Giles never worries about Jake getting enough attention through his special window.

“The new tenants pet him a lot as well. They shoveled a path in the snow to get to the window easier,” Giles wrote on Reddit. “He is much loved!”