Man On Motorcycle Stops Traffic To Rescue A Tiny Kitten

He saved her life — in more ways than one.

He could have just kept on going — but instead he stopped to help.

And this kitten is alive today because of it.

Facebook/Kwok Kin Wai Kevin

Last week, Kwok Kin Wai was riding his motorcycle along a busy highway in Hong Kong when he spotted the tiny cat stranded alone in the middle of a lane. All around her were the crushing tires of countless passing cars, so she stood little chance of escaping the situation on her own.

Gripped by the fact that the kitten would likely soon be hit, Wai pulled over and put his own life at risk to save her.

Wai’s act of heroism was a selfless one, but it didn’t go unnoticed. A motorist’s dashboard camera happened to catch it all on video — a video which has since gone viral in China.

As word of Wai’s actions spread, however, he was working to help the kitten in yet another way.

On Facebook, he posted photos of the cat in an effort to find her a safe and loving home.

And it worked.

As Chinese news site Shanghaiist reports, within an hour of publishing that post, someone stepped forward to adopt the kitten.

And with that, Wai effectively saved her life again.