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Tiny Matted Dog Crawling Through Woods Had No Clue Life Was About To Change

She's like a completely different dog now 💗

When Rosie arrived at the Lowell Humane Society earlier this month, her tiny face was barely visible.

Trapped underneath a thick cloak of matted fur, she was coated with months’ worth of filth and grime. Her eyes were almost completely sealed over with hair, and the mats encasing her legs made walking painful.

matted poodle senior rescue
Rosie when she first came to the rescue | Lowell Humane Society

A Good Samaritan had spotted her wandering all alone by the woods near Lowell, Massachusetts, and brought her to the rescue for help. Crystal Arnott, communications and fundraising manager for the humane society, was heartbroken to see just how bad the 14-year-old dog had gotten.

“You couldn’t even tell which part of her body was her head or tail, it was that terrible,” Arnott told The Dodo. “We’re fairly certain someone left her out there in the woods. It seems as her condition got worse, the owner fell in over their head and just wanted rid of her.”

matted senior poodle rescue
Lowell Humane Society

While it was clear Rosie hadn’t been cared for in a long time, she had no problem with being bathed or shaved down. She quickly showed her rescuers just how much she loves people and affection — even though she’s blind.

“She was very sweet and docile through all of it, even though she was in a lot of pain,” Arnott said. “Now, as soon as she hears you walk in, she perks right up. She’s a very friendly little girl.”

matted senior poodle rescue
Rosie getting a bath after being shaved | Lowell Humane Society

In addition to having irritated skin from the overgrown hair, the team discovered, Rosie was underweight and had kidney damage. Many of her teeth had also fallen out.

Despite her ailments, Rosie is already feeling so much better without all that hair.

“This is something she’d been living with for at least a year, if not longer,” Arnott said. “But now, when she’s walking around in the grass outside, you can tell just how relieved she feels.”

In addition to getting plenty of cuddles and time outside, Rosie is on a special diet to help her gain weight, and is also on medication for her kidney damage. She was looking for the perfect family to spend the rest of her golden years with — maybe even with someone who shares her favorite hobby.

senior poodle rescue
Rosie getting a snack from shelter volunteer Tom Leonard | Lowell Humane Society

“She loves to eat,” Arnott said with a laugh. “She has an amazing appetite!”

Luckily, it didn't take long for the perfect home to come along. Now, Rosie will finally become the cherished family member she was always meant to be — alongside three other poodle siblings.

poodle matted rescue senior
Rosie going for a ride in her carriage | Lowell Humane Society

“She’s just a sweet little girl and we’re very happy she got help when she did,” Arnott said. “[She found] an amazing home where she’ll be loved for all the time she has left.”

To help more pets like Rosie, you can make a donation to Lowell Humane Society.