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Sick, Bald Street Dog Was So Excited When Rescuers Arrived

She couldn't stop wagging her tail.

Pepper was living on the streets of India, suffering from a horrific case of mange, when some locals noticed her and decided to call for help. If she’d been left alone on the streets even a little longer, her condition may have become critical, and she may not have made it through. 

Animal Aid Unlimited responded to the call and went out to rescue Pepper. When they approached her, she was hiding under a car …

… but as soon as she saw her rescuers, her tail began wagging like crazy … 

Animal Aid Unlimited

… and she scurried out from under the car and straight to them, eager for the food and love they were happy to offer her. 

Animal Aid Unlimited

Once she was out from under the car, the rescuers could see that the poor dog was completely bald, and had scabbing on her face as well. They knew they needed to treat her as quickly as possible, so they gently scooped her up and took her with them. Pepper didn’t object at all, and seemed to know that they were there to help her. 

Rescuers immediately started Pepper on IV fluids, as well as medicine to soothe the painful scabbing on her face. Despite all the pain she was in, Pepper was so loving and gentle toward her rescuers. It was clear all she really wanted was love and attention, and was so grateful to her new friends for giving it to her. 

Pepper’s recovery took around a month, and during that time she got a medicated bath twice a week, to help her skin heal and her fur grow back. 

mange dog
Animal Aid Unlimited

When rescuers found her, Pepper was completely bald, and in so much pain. By the time her treatment was done … 

… Pepper had a shiny black coat once again, and transformed into the happiest, healthiest dog. 

Now Pepper can run, play and be as energetic as she wants to, and she isn’t taking a moment of it for granted. 

Watch the full video of Pepper’s rescue below:

To help Animal Aid Unlimited rescue more of India's street dogs, you can make a donation here.