Man Has Best Reaction After Wife Says Dog Can't Sleep In Bed

"I thought it was funny that he went that far."

World, meet Violet, a sweet little pug who loves nothing more than being cuddled as she sleeps. Fortunately, she found the perfect man willing to sate her with snuggles — even at the cost of his own comfort ... and his marital bed.

But who could say no to this face?


When the man's daughter, McKenna, decided to adopt Violet this past summer, the idea didn't delight everyone at home. Ironically in hindsight, only McKenna's mom welcomed the pup at first.

Before long, however, Violet was able to work her charms to win over the one parental holdout.

"My dad was very not on board with getting a dog. It took about a week for him to fully accept," McKenna told The Dodo. "But there's something about my dad that my dog loves more than the rest of us, so when he saw that he was her favorite, they became BFFs."


Since then, their bond has only grown deeper. Nowadays, Violet joins McKenna's parents in bed just about every night (or else she actually has trouble sleeping). This little arrangement has never been an issue with either spouse.

Well, except for recently.


About a week ago, Violet underwent routine surgery. Though everything went without a hitch, recovery came with a caveat — the pug can't be bathed until everything had properly healed.

With that, McKenna's mom put her foot down about letting Violet in bed last night.

"So, she's just super stinky at the moment and my mom just cleaned her sheets," McKenna said.

Rather than protest the decision, Dad sided with Violet — and joined her to sleep on the floor.


"They were just going to bed right then," McKenna said about this photo of her dad and dog she snapped that night. "I thought it was funny that he went that far, but at the same time, it was sweet."

And Mom's reaction?

"She was laughing too," McKenna said.


Thankfully, Violet will get her stitches removed later this week, and once bathed, will get to sleep in her normal spot again. (But McKenna's dad will likely keep snuggling her elsewhere in the meantime.)

McKenna admits that she's slightly jealous to see how much more Violet prefers her dad's company to her own, though it's hard to be too miffed at seeing a pairing as sweet as theirs.

"I'm glad he loves her as much as he does, because it's way better than when he didn't like her," McKenna said. "Since then, she's pretty much the best thing to ever happen in his eyes."