Guy Smashes Through His Floor To Save Cat Moments Away From Drowning

"I could hear Blanca’s devastating cries. It was unbearable."

Last week, heavy rains caused widespread flooding in South Texas, washing out countless homes and leaving dozens of families displaced. 

Vannah Vercetti and her husband were among those affected, but at least some of the damage to their property was caused by their own hand — and for a very good reason.

Vannah Vercetti

The Vercettis live in Weslaco, Texas, an area hit by the flash flooding. When the waters began to rise around them last Wednesday, the family rushed to get their cats inside to safety. However, one kitty, named Blanca, thought she'd already found a good place to ride out the storm.

She was wrong.

"Blanca decided to stay out of the rain by hiding under the house," Vercetti told The Dodo. "We started to hear meows coming from under our bedroom floor."

With floodwaters continuing to rise beneath the home, Blanca was trapped.

Vannah Vercetti

"I went outside in the rain to try to get her out but failed. Thinking I was going to lose my cat to drowning, I went sobbing inside feeling hopeless," Vercetti said. "I could hear Blanca’s devastating cries. It was unbearable."

It was then that Vercetti's husband hatched a plan to save the cat. Using a hammer, he began frantically smashing through the floor near the spot where Blanca's cries were emanating.

And with just seconds to spare before the water overtook her, Blanca was saved. Here's a video of that remarkable moment:

The cat was sopping wet, but otherwise unharmed. She'd been rescued just in time.

"I was so relieved. I was crying out of grief and at the end it was tears of joy," Vercetti said. "The water was inches away from the floor. She had a small air pocket that kept her alive long enough for us to get to her."

Vannah Vercetti

Blanca, a former stray cat whom the Vercettis adopted, had never been overtly affectionate toward them — that is, until they helped her out of her life-threatening ordeal.

"She and I weren’t exactly super close," Vercetti said. "But now, she follows me around more and meows at me more. I think it’s because she knows we saved her. She knows that we love her."

Vannah Vercetti

The floodwaters have since receded, though the damage remains. (You can help cover the cost of repairs on this GoFundMe page.) Still, to Vercetti, it was all worthwhile.

"A hole in the floor is much better than a hole in my heart," she said. "I love my cats dearly."