Man In Hospital After Stroke Gets A Surprise Visit From Someone Special

He couldn't speak well but his family understood when he asked for Holly ❤

This is what love looks like.

Last week, Twitter user Lizzy Peake shared a touching scene showing the bond between a man and his pet. Peake's grandpa recently suffered a stroke, for which he was at a facility undergoing rehab. Though his family has been there to support him, someone special had clearly been missing.

"[He] wasn’t able to speak well but we were able to understand 'Holly,' which is the name of his dog," Peake wrote. "So we got permission for him to see her and he was so happy to see her."

Here's that moment on video:

The Dodo was unable to reach Peake to learn more about the relationship between Holly and her grandpa — but, in truth, the scene above requires little commentary; their love is self-evident.

That surprise visit was no doubt an uplifting one. With any luck, it will help quicken his recovery, and hasten the day Grandpa and Holly are reunited for good.