Man Discovers The Cat He's Been Caring For Isn't Actually His Own

Then his ACTUAL cat came home 😂

The well-meaning man at the center of this gripping feline mystery will go unnamed, but one thing is clearly understood: He loves his black cat and would do anything to keep her healthy and safe.

Unfortunately, his best intentions recently led him down a costly and confusing path — one on which he unwittingly became a cat-napper.

In a series of tweets on the subject, the man's friend Clarke Gayford describes how he'd become concerned about a sudden shift in his cat's behavior. Naturally, the man took the cat to the vet, where she was diagnosed as having anxiety. He shelled out $130 for the visit and medication to help.

What he didn't know at the time, of course, was that this wasn't his cat.

As it turns out, the man's actual cat had been away from home on some adventure.

In reality, he'd been medicating and quarantining and (no doubt) getting all lovey-dovey with ... an impostor!


Suddenly having his cat home raised an obvious question: Whose black cat had he been caring for these last several days?

Then, a recent visit he'd had came to mind — and the mystery began to unravel.

The two cats do indeed look similar, but the differences in their gender confirm their true identity. Still, we can only imagine how the conversation went between the man and his neighbor as he tried to explain that he'd had her missing cat this whole time. He seems to have felt quite guilty about the accidental cat-napping.

Judging from this text he got later on, she was just happy to have him home.

Like a good friend, Gayford seems to delight in spreading the word about his pal's innocent mishap, but it's hard to blame him. Fortunately for all involved, this kitty caper has a happy ending.