Man And Cat Locked In Tense Battle Over Who Runs The Household

"I definitely did not expect him to outsmart my husband."

A few years back, Nicole Jones and her husband opened their hearts and home to an adorable orange cat named Carrot.

What they didn't expect, however, was that a hilarious little power struggle would soon unfold as a result.

Nicole Jones

Though Carrot was the newcomer, it didn’t take long for him to exert authority over the household. The rules, it seems, simply don’t apply to Carrot — and he’s not afraid to let that be known.

“He opens the cupboards and steals food out of the pantry. He knocks all of our magnets off the fridge,” Jones told The Dodo. “He also takes food right off our plates as we are eating.”

Carrot is shameless.

Nicole Jones

Jones, for her part, mostly seems to find amusement in Carrot's wily ways. Her husband, on the other hand, hasn't been so quick to give up control to the cat.

"He is constantly chasing Carrot around the house trying to get him to stop doing whatever he is doing," Jones said.

This battle of wills is ongoing between Carrot and Jones' husband, but she recently caught one particular tense moment on video. In it, the two were locked in a standoff over whether or not the blinds should be open.

And, well, here's how that played out:

"I definitely did not expect him to outsmart my husband and open the blinds he couldn’t reach," Jones said.

In classic fashion, Carrot had proven yet again who's boss.

Nicole Jones

Life with a furry little would-be dictator isn't all about butting heads, of course. When not testing the limits, Carrot likes to remind his family how much he really cares.

"He is a very sweet, loving boy who loves to cuddle," Jones said. "But he LOVES getting into trouble."