This Cat's 'Angry' Expression Is Making Him A Star

Louis is very disappointed in you.

Don’t let his angry expression fool you — Louis is a total sweetheart.

The 6-year-old Persian, who has sported a perma-frown since he was a kitten, is finding fame on Instagram thanks to his displeased expression.

And while there could never be another Grumpy Cat, that hasn't stopped fans from calling him just that.

Louis’ flat, downturned mouth and large yellow eyes, which he tends to squint, make him look like an “old man,” according to his mom, Michelle Alexis. But when it comes to Louis’ personality, looks can be deceiving. 

"Louis is now referred to as the 'new Grumpy Cat,'” Alexis told LADbible. “But he is actually very sweet, happy and playful.”
"He loves to snuggle and give head rubs; he will chase lasers and play with toys," she added. 

Alexis is often asked if Louis' dramatic expression is the result of a genetic deformity. However, Louis' snub nose and chubby cheeks are just how he looks. 

His long, flowing coat needs a fair amount of grooming and the occasional lion cut. But he has a full wardrobe of sweaters and shirts to keep him warm and comfortable when his fur is on the shorter side.

Louis lives with his mom in Austin, Texas, and loves to go on outdoor adventures and play with his sister, Monae.

However, when Monae joined the family in 2015, the tiny kitten rescued from Austin Pets Alive tormented her full-grown brother. 

Thankfully, the two have grown to be best friends, happy to hang out on the foot of their mom's bed together or team up to beg for treats. "She even tackles and picks at him," Alexis said, "but really she loves him."

Louis currently has over 4,000 followers on Instagram and is well on his way to becoming an internet sensation (whether he's pleased about it or not).

Grumpy Cat can never be replaced, but perhaps Louis and his hilariously furious face can help fill the void left behind.

As Louis says in a post on Instagram: "Let me reassure you I’m far from grumpy!!!! But I’m okay with the name."

To learn more about Louis and Monae's adventures, you can follow them on Instagram.