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Rescuers Call Family Of Lost Dog — And Get The Saddest Answer

She was living on the streets near an airport, but she's safe now ❤️

When Viva was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles, she took to living around an airport, taking shelter in parking garages and wherever else she could find. After a while, someone spotted the tiny dog and knew she needed help, and called Hope for Paws in hopes that they could rescue her. 

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz, rescuers with Hope for Paws, drove out to the airport to look for Viva, and eventually found her huddled in some grass, so scared of anyone who came near her. They tried to approach her slowly to earn her trust … 

… but the poor little dog was just too scared, and ran out into traffic every time her rescuers got close to her. 

Not wanting her to get hurt, they decided to keep their distance and instead set a trap … 

… but just as Viva was about to enter the trap, a pedestrian walked by and spooked her, and she ran away again. 

Desperate to help her, the women tried to look for another spot to set a trap, and while they were searching they came across a parking garage called Wally’s Parking. The employees there said that Viva often hid in their structure, and were able to show them where she usually entered and exited. The rescuers decided to set a trap there and then hide for a while, in hopes that this time she would go into the trap, especially since it was in a quieter area than the last one. 

After a while, some of the employees came to get the women out of hiding and told them that the trap had worked. After four days of searching and trying to catch her, Viva was safe at last. 

Viva was incredibly nervous once she was in the trap, but began to calm down after a while, and seemed to realize that the women were there to help her. Upon a closer look, they could see that Viva was slightly cross-eyed and had a snaggletooth and an underbite. She was a unique-looking little dog, and became sweeter and sweeter by the moment. 

Viva was wearing a collar when she was rescued, which made her rescuers think she may have been a lost dog with a family out there somewhere. When they scanned her for a microchip, they found a phone number — but when they called, they were told her family did not want her back. 

The employees from Wally’s Parking helped the women bring Viva back to their car, and then said goodbye to their little friend. Heartbroken but hopeful for little Viva, her rescuers took her to the vet to get checked out, and then transferred her into the care of Foxy and the Hounds Rescue

Viva is now with a foster family, and has since transformed into the happiest, most playful little dog. Everyone who has met her is baffled that her former family didn’t want her anymore, but hopefully, her forever family will find her very soon, and she’ll never have to feel unwanted or unloved ever again. 

Watch the full video of the rescue below: 

If you’re interested in adopting Viva, you can contact Foxy and the Hounds Rescue for more information.