Dog Thinks Lockdown Is No Big Deal — Until He Sees The Park's Been Closed

"He thought it was very strange that we weren't going in."

This is Murphy and his dad Luis Chacón. They live in Spain, where efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic have put the nation on lockdown.

Thankfully, the little dog has been mostly unaffected by the new rules — if anything, it's meant more quality time with Chacón at home.

But recently, Murphy learned that he, too, would have to make some sacrifices for the greater good.

Luis Chacón

Murphy and Chacón live next to a park, which just so happens to be the dog's favorite spots to run and play.

"We visit it almost daily," Chacón told The Dodo.

The pair can still go out on walks for fresh air and exercise, but due to the state of emergency, the park is temporarily off-limits — closed shut with a gate, much to Murphy's disappointment and confusion.

Here's video of the moment the whole lockdown situation truly hit home for the little pup:

"He thought it was very strange that we weren't going in," Chacón said. "It was like a learning moment."

After a few moments of complaining, Murphy got the message; like everyone else, he'd have to give something up for a little while to help make sure other people stay healthy.

And more time cozy at home with Dad makes it all the more worth it.

Luis Chacón

With any luck, it won't be long before precautions are lifted and the park reopens so life can carry on as usual. Until then, it's reassuring to know that even pups like Murphy are doing their part with the health of the whole community at heart.