Cats Act As Model Students During Little Girl's Adorable Drawing Lesson

Such good listeners ❤️

These two very attentive cats give a whole new meaning to the term “teacher’s pet.”

The sweet feline pair, whose names are Douglas Roberto and Jurandir, live in Brazil with their family. There, like in many places, traditional classroom instruction has given way to at-home schooling. But Douglas Roberto and Jurandir appear to have had no problem adjusting.

Just ask their human sister-turned-teacher, Clarinha.

The other day Clarinha, a student herself, decided to put together an adorable little lesson plan for the two cats — a step-by-step guide to drawing a flower.

Though handling a pen might be beyond Douglas Roberto and Jurandir's skill set, they followed along with their teacher like two model students:

The cute clip ends before the lesson is through — but it's safe to say Douglas Roberto and Jurandir deserve an A+ (and, for her part, Clarinha does, too).