Little Girl And Dog Recreate Scene From 'Beauty And The Beast'

"I couldn’t handle it when she tried to put her head on his shoulder" ❤

You may want to grab a mop — your heart's about to melt.

Kaylee Slobotski

From the moment 3-year-old Emily was born, she and her family's dog Rudy have been inseparable pals. Indeed, with every step along Emily's journey through childhood, her dear pup has been there to share in the joy and wonder.

"They are the best of friends," Kaylee Slobotski, Emily's mom, told The Dodo.

Emily and Rudy share an extraordinary bond. But the other day, in adorable fashion, they shared a dance, too — recreating a scene from Emily's favorite movie, "Beauty and the Beast":

"We were watching 'Beauty and the Beast' for the 100th time and she wanted to put her costume on to be Belle, and she insisted that Rudy try his [costume], too," Slobotski said. "She took it from there, and he gave her about 40 seconds of dancing before he was done. It was the sweetest little moment. I couldn’t handle it when she tried to put her head on his shoulder."

Kaylee Slobotski

This sweet scene, of course, is just a snapshot of a friendship that's filled with adorable moments. Emily wouldn't have it any other way:

"My husband and I love seeing her grow up with Rudy by her side!" Slobotski said. "He is the most loving, gentle giant."