Little Girl And Dog Have Full Conversation In A Language All Their Own

It sounds VERY important 💕

Sure, some outsiders may find it hard to understand at times — but the language of friendship always makes sense.

Just ask Everlee and her best dog pal, Dude.

Everlee is a 2 year old from Washington state. From day one, she and Dude have been downright inseparable. And it shows.

Not only do they share an incredible bond of love, they also created an adorable style of speaking that's all their own. In fact, Everlee and Dude often engage in long and lively conversations using their invented language, about topics known only to them.

Here's a video of Everlee and Dude in action:

What makes the speaking style they share all the more sweet is the fact that it gives Everlee an outlet she might not otherwise have. According to her family, Everelee has epilepsy, which has delayed her normal speech development. But in the meantime, thanks to Dude, she has a caring companion who understands her regardless.

And love like that requires no translation.