Little Boy Learns To Speak His Husky Friend's Language

"They just have a special bond!" ❤

From the moment Braxton entered the world two years ago, this lovable husky named Boston has been his biggest fan.

Alixandria Smith

Actually, it began even earlier than that.

"I’m convinced that Boston knew I was pregnant before I did!" Alixandria Smith, Braxton's mom, told The Dodo.

Alixandria Smith

Since then, Braxton and Boston have been inseparable — spending virtually all their free time together. So it's no surprise, perhaps, that the little boy has come to learn a thing or two from his best doggy friend.

Namely, how to speak husky.

Having heard Boston's distinctive howl from time to time, Braxton evidently figured out that it's his dog's preferred language and decided to give it a try himself. With that, adorable conversations between them began.

Here's video of one of Boston and Braxton's sweet chats:

In addition to English, Braxton's parents have been teaching him some Spanish and sign language. But fluency in Boston's native tongue seems to have come more naturally.

"Now that he can speak Husky, he is super cultured and bilingual," Smith joked, adding that the dog seems to appreciate Braxton's effort. "Boston absolutely loves it. They just have a special bond!"

Of course, that bond goes deeper still.

Alixandria Smith

After all, the language of love between a boy and his dog requires no translation.