Hidden Camera Captures Cat And Baby Having The Cutest Conversation

“My husband and I couldn’t help but just watch and laugh hysterically.”

From the moment Lindsey Needham brought her son Brody home, she could tell that he and her cat Zora were going to be friends.
“The first time [Zora] met Brody, I was holding him in my arms after we got home from the hospital and she jumped up on the chair and started sniffing Brody’s head,” Needham told The Dodo. “She was purring immediately.”

Brody the baby and his cat friend Zora
Lindsey Needham

The two friends have never needed words to communicate — they just understand each other somehow. “She has always been so patient with him and never showed aggression toward him,” Needham said. “It’s almost like she understood that Brody was a baby, learning the world around him.”
But recently, Brody and Zora have become more talkative. They still don’t need words to talk to each other, since they have a language all their own. “Zora has always been a talkative cat and usually meows at me when she enters a room or jumps on my lap so I do it right back to her,” Needham said. “So now whenever [Zora] walks in the room Brody starts meowing immediately and Zora happily responds with a ‘hello.’”

Little boy has conversations with cat
Lindsey Needham

Last month, Needham got even more proof of Brody and Zora’s special bond when she caught the two secretly chatting after lights out. 
Needham and her husband were watching TV after putting Brody down for the night when they heard meowing coming from upstairs. Somehow Zora had broken into Brody’s room — but that wasn’t all.
“We open the baby monitor app on our phone and, sure enough, we see Zora sitting on the chair meowing next to the crib and Brody is standing up meowing right back at her, looking like they were having an actual conversation,” Needham said. “My husband and I couldn’t help but just watch and laugh hysterically.”

You can watch the adorable video here:

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Eventually, Needham and her husband had to break up the party. But it hasn't stopped the best friends from getting closer every day.

“Zora hasn’t snuck back into the room since we caught it on camera but that’s only because we keep his door shut,” Needham said. “But given the chance, I’m sure she would be in there saying 'goodnight' to her bestie.”