Lazy Cat Won't Let Mom Come Home Without Paying Her Lots Of Attention

She knows how to get what she wants 😂

For this sweet cat named Cachetona, making herself the center of attention comes as second nature. So much so, in fact, she can do it in her sleep.

But for Cachetona’s owner, that’s not always so convenient.

Like many lazy kitties, Cachetona loves to nap the day away while her owner is out. Her preferred sleeping spot, however, is one perfectly chosen to still assert her influence as she catches some z’s.

Each day, Cachetona naps squarely in the middle of the driveway — creating a furry roadblock that only extra pets will clear. And she earns all this attention without lifting a paw.

Here’s video of Cachetona’s owner arriving home, and the hilarious daily routine that ensues:

Cachetona’s orange sibling, Nina, has clearly been taking notes. But despite their attention-seeking, their owner was presumably able to park her car. Eventually, anyway.

But it's not all bad.

Daily life is full of little roadblocks that need to be overcome, of course. None, however, could possibly be quite as cute as a kitty.