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Every Single Dog Was Adopted From This Shelter Except One

“Deisel is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy with a big smile and personality to match."

The RSPCA’s “Clear The Shelters” campaign was a huge success for over 700 animals who went to loving homes across New South Wales. But at the end of the whirlwind weekend, one dog found himself all alone in an empty shelter. 

Deisel, a 5-year-old Staffordshire terrier, was the last dog left at the Hunter RSPCA shelter at Rutherford. His 149 sheltermates found homes, but he never seemed to be the right fit for the families who came by.

Last dog left in RSPCA NSW shelter

“Deisel did a meet a couple of families and the matching didn’t work out for Deisel and the families,” Dr. Debbie Jaggers, senior manager at Hunter Animal Care Services, told The Dodo.

This wasn’t the first time Deisel felt unwanted. Two months ago, Deisel was surrendered to the shelter when the energetic boy’s family could no longer handle his spunk. “He previously lived in a rural environment and the horses were a little too interesting for him,” the RSPCA wrote on his adoption profile.

Deisel still looking for a home after every other dog was adopted

The shelter now thinks that Deisel would be happier living an urban lifestyle, where he can frolic and enjoy the sunshine in a fenced-in backyard. “Deisel would be best suited to an urban backyard with no small animals or cats in the home as he might find them too interesting to chase,” Jaggers said. “Deisel seems to get on well with calm dogs and older confident children.”

The pup already has good manners and knows how to walk on a leash and perform basic commands, such as “sit.” He also loves to give kisses to anyone who gets close.

What he wants most is to be part of a family who will include him in their life — taking him on daily walks and giving him a cozy place inside where he can be close to his people.

“Deisel is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy with a big smile and personality to match,” his profile states. 

And though Deisel is still in the shelter at the moment, the handsome boy’s positive attitude never fails. Shelter staffers are confident it’s just a matter of time before this loving boy finds the home he so deserves.

If you are interested in giving Deisel his forever home, you can apply on the RSPCA NSW's website.