Chubby Shelter Dog Has Waited 2 Years For A Home

“She may look big and tough but she is a champion snuggler!”

The bigger the dog, the more there is to love.

That is certainly the case with Presley, but for some reason, the 3-year-old pup is still missing the most important love of all — that of a forever family.

Presley, a chubby dog available for adoption in Mississippi

In 2017, Presley caught the eye of Paula Joyner, a lead volunteer for East Mississippi Animal Rescue (EMAR), at a local animal control facility.

“When we have extra room at the rescue, we are sometimes able to bring in an animal that would have otherwise been at risk of being euthanized,” Joyner told The Dodo. “Several dogs caught my attention that day, but for some reason, Presley’s big eyes spoke to my heart and soul.”

Volunteers nicknamed the 103-pound American bulldog/Lab mix “Big Mama,” for her size and loving nature. But two years later, the sweet dog is still hopping from foster home to foster home.

Presley, nicknamed Big Mama, snuggles her foster

Presley is extremely affectionate and doesn’t quite understand how big she really is. “Presley is a large dog, but she sees herself as a big lap baby,” Joyner said. “She loves her humans and spending time with them.”

Though she may look overweight, the big-boned pup has so much to give as a playful family pet. Her foster dad, Dylan Lugibihl, explained that a lot of her unusual size actually comes from her breed background.

"The size comes from the bulldog side, but she has plenty of energy and her weight hasn't seemed to impact her health or lifestyle in any noticeable way," he explained. "She frequently does long runs at the lake and explores for an average of three hours without stopping."

Chubby shelter snuggles her foster dad

Presley is full of energy and is happy to spend hours running and exploring. “Her greatest passion is finding new places to sniff around and curiosities to explore,” Lugibihl said. “She will readily splash around in any lake or pond regardless of the temperature, and enjoys being baffled by tiny fish and frogs swimming around.”

Presley also loves to get clean, whether or not it’s her bathtime. She will eagerly jump into a running shower or full tub with her humans and constantly begs to be vacuumed.


But bathtubs aside, Presley is generally quite respectful of her surroundings.

“She doesn't jump on furniture, and for some reason, she will sit outside the doorway of the kitchen and never enter while you're cooking,” Lugibihl said. “She's 100 percent house-trained and has never chewed on anything that wasn't her toy or scratched anything in the house.  A screen door is all it takes to keep her in or out.”

The sweet pup is so trusting that she will even let her foster dad brush her teeth — though she’s still not a big fan of the activity.

Chubby shelter dog waits for two years to be adopted

Potential adopters unable to see past her size are missing out, noted Joyner: “She may look big and tough but she is a champion snuggler!”

“We are all confused as to why it has taken so long for Presley to find her forever home,” Joyner added. “Presley is patiently waiting for her special person or family. She knows good things come to those who wait, and whoever Presley ends up with will be truly blessed with a gem of a dog.”

If you are interested in adopting Presley, you can fill out an application on East Mississippi Animal Rescue's website.