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Woman Spends An Hour Looking For Kitten — And Finds Her In The Weirdest Place

Only someone so small could fit in there!

When Chanel the kitten was just 2 weeks old, she ended up at a public shelter that didn’t have the time or resources to care for a kitten so young. The shelter decided that unfortunately, if no one came to claim the kitten, she would have to be put down.

Britney Diane does a lot of volunteer work with rescue animals, and so when she saw a Facebook post saying that Chanel would be put down at 5 p.m. that day if no one pulled her from the shelter, she knew she had to step up to help.

“Usually shelters put down kittens when they have nobody to take care of them, because you practically have to serve as their mother — bottle-feed them, pee and poop them, burp them, etc., every two to three hours, around the clock,” Diane told The Dodo. “A friend of mine went to pull her because she lived closer, and if I went I wouldn't have made it in time, and we met up and I’ve been her rescuer ever since!”

Chanel is now 4 weeks old, and an extremely sweet, mischievous little kitten. She has a crate she hangs out in because she’s so young, but when her foster mom lets her out, she loves to do adventurous things — like try to play with her dog foster sibling who’s much, much bigger than she is.

She also, of course, loves to find the best hiding places.

One day while Chanel was exploring, she found the absolute perfect place to snuggle up and hide for a while, and her foster mom soon noticed that she was nowhere to be found. Diane and her family spent an hour searching everywhere they could think of that the little kitten may have gotten into — until finally, they found her in the most unexpected place.

“We looked at the main places that made sense to us at the time: under the couches, under all the furniture, the fridge — even though we are pretty sure she wouldn't be able to fit under there, we just wanted to make sure,” Diane said. “Finally, Grandpa sat down at the kitchen table and went to get a tissue, and we realized she was in there.”

For the entire hour her family had been searching, little Chanel was curled up inside the tissue box, just hanging out, probably wondering what all the commotion was about.

Chanel eventually climbed out of the tissue box to hang out with her worried family again — but it wasn’t long before she was plotting her descent back into her new favorite hiding place.

“Yesterday she was on the table as I was getting ready to bottle-feed her again, and the tissue box was there, and funny enough, she started to get back into it,” Diane said. “I think that's going to be her favorite spot for a while. At least until she grows out of it.”

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