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Tiniest Kitten Won't Let Her New Family Go Anywhere Without Her

Even the shower 🐈🚿😍

When Natalie Cocks and her girlfriend found out about some people who had an unwanted litter of kittens, they decided they were ready to adopt and drove to the home to claim one, a tiny 5-week-old kitten they named Wildfire. Unfortunately, the conditions the kittens were living in were less than ideal, and the couple were worried for the safety of the other four. 

“We were talking to my girlfriend’s sister about how we were worried for the rest of them but really don’t have the room or facilities to hold the other 4 — so she ran down there and took them,” Cocks told The Dodo. 

shower kitten
Natalie Cocks

After ensuring that all the kittens were safe and would have loving forever homes, the couple were able to turn their focus to getting Wildfire settled into her new life. From the moment they brought her home, Wildlife was obsessed with her new parents, and she decided she had to follow them absolutely everywhere. 

“She hates being by herself and will cry for hours if we are not around,” Cocks said. “She never leaves our side and always needs to be with someone. For example, I went from the bedroom to the kitchen and she didn’t see me leave and as soon as she noticed I wasn’t there she started basically howling.” 

Wildfire is so grateful to her new family for rescuing her and therefore wants to be around them every minute, no matter what. 

shower kitten
Natalie Cocks

One day, Cocks’ girlfriend was taking a shower and Wildfire decided that, as usual, she needed to be right by her side — so she hopped in the shower too. After hearing the story, Cocks wondered if Wildfire would start doing the same thing with her, and the next time she went to take a shower, Wildfire was ready. 

The tiny kitten cautiously joined her mom in the shower, stretching against her and begging for attention. The water didn’t necessarily bother her — as long as she didn’t have to deal with it too much. 

“The water really didn’t bother her. If I was covering most of the stream, she would happily walk in and out, but if the shower was running fully on her she wasn’t as keen,” Cocks said. 

Wildfire was still willing to brave the water in order to be right next to her mom, and Cocks had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time she tried to join in on shower time. 

“I have to keep the shower door closed or else she would follow me in every time — but if it’s closed she will stand there and try [to] open the door the whole time we are in there,” Cocks said. 

Wildfire is just so happy that her new parents welcomed her into their family that she’ll do literally anything to be near them at all times, even if it means getting a little wet sometimes. 

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