Kid Makes Sure To Tuck In Her Best Friend Before Bed

“It’s OK, you can go to sleep, shhh, I’m right here.”

For years, photographer Britney Logan dreamed of adding a dog to her family, but with a baby to care for, she thought it prudent to postpone pet ownership.

But when her daughter, Laurel, turned 3, Logan knew it was finally time for a change. “I’m a single mom and wasn’t sure I could juggle an infant and a puppy,” Logan told The Dodo. “Now that she’s more independent, I thought it was time!”

Though Laurel had spent time around dogs belonging to members of her extended family, Logan was unsure how she’d adjust to the new addition — and how the puppy would fit into their tight-knit unit.

But, as it turned out, Logan never should have worried.

3-year-old Laurel with her best friend, Wren, a German shepherd
Britney Logan

When Wren, a German shepherd, joined their family a few months ago, it didn’t take long for Laurel to become obsessed. “Any time we leave the house, she tells every stranger about her ‘really soft, really cool puppy Wren,’” Logan said. “They do everything together!”

Laurel and Wren hangout on the bed
Britney Logan

But Logan knew things were serious between the two of them when she caught Laurel and Wren sharing a private moment around bedtime.

“I was up working late on my laptop before bed and heard Laurel whispering,” Logan said. “I looked up and she had taken a bone to give to [Wren] and was covering her up with a towel for a blanket, whispering, ‘It’s OK, you can go to sleep, shhh, I’m right here,’ and Wren was just eating it up!”

The touching act was no new occurrence. Laurel loves making sure her best bud is comfortable and has everything she needs when it’s time to settle down for the night. “Sometimes she will put a pillow under her head,” Logan said, “and Wren is just so patient and gladly plays along.”

Wren the dog sleeps with her toddler friend
Britney Logan

While many puppies might shirk away from all the attention and coddling, Wren enjoys being wrapped up like a baby. And Logan is so grateful that the two sisters play so nicely together.

“She is so sweet and so smart, and just the easiest puppy ever,” Logan said. “Several people who have met her told me I should look into training her to be an emotional support dog because she’s so calm and gentle and just so loving.”

“I can’t wait to see them grow up together,” Logan added.