Blind Kitten Immediately Falls In Love With The Man Who Saved Her

“She just curled into his neck and stayed there ... I realized, ‘Well, that’s it. He’s become hers.’”

Last November, a kitten named June turned up as a stray in Hout Bay, a town in Cape Town, South Africa.

“She was brought in ... by a member of the community who had found her, and I think her mum had been killed,” Holly Gilbert-Jones, a volunteer at Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG), told The Dodo. “There were no brothers or sisters.”

Little kitten sitting on blanket
June shortly after being rescued | Holly Gilbert-Jones

The DARG team immediately noticed that June was a little different — she’d been born blind, although June didn’t seem fazed by this.

“She obviously has no understanding or idea that she was any different than any of the other cats,” Gilbert-Jones said. “She would be zooming up and down the hallway.”

Kitten on cat tree
June at the DARG shelter before going home with Gilbert-Jones | Holly Gilbert-Jones

Gilbert-Jones fostered June for several months, and she fell in love with her during that time. Not only was June full of energy, but she craved love from everyone she met.

Person tickling kitten
Holly Gilbert-Jones

“There’s something about her,” Gilbert-Jones said. “It’s like she radiates this joyful energy from her. Everyone who sees her just kind of falls in love. She has this gift of winning people over.”

Cat playing in woman's hair
June playing in Warner's hair | Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

Soon June stole the hearts of Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner, who’d seen a post about her on Facebook and decided to adopt her without even meeting her first. When they went to pick her up, they knew they were making the right decision.

Cat cuddling with man
June cuddling with Duff on their first meeting | Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“From the word go, we fell in love,” Duff told The Dodo. “She curled up in my arms, and I gave her a nice cuddle, and since then, we’ve been very, very tight. She’s very loving — she’s probably the most loving animal I’ve ever come across.”

Cat cuddling with man
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

As they drove home, June climbed into Duff’s arms and snuggled into him.

Man cuddling with cat
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“She just curled into his neck and stayed there,” Warner told The Dodo. “On the way home, I got a little tag that said ‘Daddy’s Girl’ because I realized, ‘Well, that’s it. He’s become hers.’”

Cat wearing tag
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

Two individuals who weren’t too keen on June were Duff and Warner’s other cats, Leia and Leeloo.

Woman cuddling with cat
Warner cuddling with June | Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“We were a little bit worried about June integrating with them, and the first couple of weeks, there was a lot of hissing and chaos,” Duff said.

Two cats sniffing each other
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

But June eventually won Leia and Leeloo over as well.

Cats snuggling together on bed
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“She was determined to be with them, and was very persistent about playing with them,” Warner said. “Now they’re very much sisters, and they love each other.”

Beside her obvious love of her family, June loves going for walks on her leash and harness with her family.

Kitten on leash and harness
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“She’s braver than our other two cats,” Duff said. “Despite the fact that she can’t see, she just goes. She leaps off things and figures things out. We’ve taken her on holiday before, and within a couple of minutes, she’s completely mapped the new space.”

Kitten exploring the outdoors
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“When we take her for walks, it’s amazing to see her react to sounds,” Duff added. “She’ll hear a bee around the flowers, and she’ll leap at it. Or she’ll hear birds and suddenly turn.”

Cat on leash and harness
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

Duff also explained that June has helped Warner and himself learn to be more mindful and enjoy the present moment.

Cat looking at sheep through fence
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“When she walks, she has to sniff everything,” Duff said. “The outside world is quite large, so you have to have patience. It’s actually quite wonderful because it calms us. I think she teaches us.”

Cat cuddling with person
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

Neither Duff nor Warner could imagine their lives without June, and they love everything about their little blind cat.

Cat snuggling with man in bed
Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner

“She’s absolutely perfect, every little inch of her personality,” Duff said. “I never met an animal so loving and so happy and so resilient. She’s the most loving little creature."

To help rescue more kittens like June, you can make a donation to DARG.

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