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Dog Abandoned At Factory Was So Scared He Barely Moved — Until He Realized He Was Safe

He's a completely different dog now.

After Hugo ended up on the streets all alone, he started spending his days near a factory where some other stray dogs lived as well. Unfortunately, one day he got into a fight with those other dogs and ended up very, very hurt. One of the factory workers spotted him and could see how injured he was, and decided the best thing to do would be to call for help. 

Hope for Paws got the call about little Hugo and drove out to the factory to try and help him. When rescuers arrived, they found him resting on a blanket next to a fence … 

… but as soon as he spotted them, he immediately got up and limped behind the fence, too scared to let anyone come near him

Rescuers tried to offer Hugo food, hoping that would entice him to come closer to them, but his fear ran too deep, and instead he scurried into one of the garages at the factory and hid under a bulldozer. 

They continued to try and offer him food, but all he did was stare at it and refused to move at all, as if he were paralyzed with fear. 

Rescuers knew the little dog was never going to come near them voluntarily, and so they decided to just quickly try to get a leash around him … 

… and after a little bit of a struggle, they were finally able to secure him. 

Rescuers had to pull Hugo closer to them, because the little dog was still too scared to move. He stared at his rescuers, still unsure of whether they were there to help him or harm him. Even once they petted him for a bit and picked him up, he still looked incredibly scared and nervous about the whole situation. 

Rescuers quickly drove Hugo to the vet to get his injuries checked out, and discovered that his wounds were more serious than they had originally thought, which is probably why the poor dog had been so scared and unresponsive. His wounds were incredibly deep and infected, and he ended up needing surgery and drains to help clear the infection. 

As soon as little Hugo began treatment for his injuries, he suddenly became a completely different dog. His pain had made his fear even worse, and once he was feeling a little better, he realized he was finally safe, and began to warm up to the rescuers who helped save his life. 

Now, Hugo is completely healed, and is loving life in his foster home. He is so incredibly happy, and has so many foster dog siblings to play with and a foster family to give him so much love. 

Watch the full video of Hugo's rescue below:

If you’re interested in adopting Hugo, you can contact Doggies 911 Rescue for more information.