Husky Who's Obsessed With Ice Is So Excited To Get A Bath Full Of It

He wouldn't get out until it melted ❤️️🐶❄️

When Whiskey’s family first adopted him, it didn’t take them long to realize that he really, really loves ice. 

“I would freeze blocks of ice and place them in his water bowl,” Kassie Massey, one of Whiskey’s family members, told The Dodo. “I would notice he would take the huge block of ice to the living room and chew on it.” 

Not only has he always loved playing with ice, but Whiskey absolutely loves to play in the snow too, and seems to be a fan of anything cold he can roll around in and play with — as long as it isn’t water. For a dog who loves ice so much, Whiskey really, really hates taking baths or hanging out in water for any reason.

husky ice bath
Kassie Massey

When Whiskey’s family started seeing people posting videos of their dogs playing in pools of ice, they wanted to try that with Whiskey, but they were worried the ice would melt too quickly outside — so instead, they got creative. 

“My boyfriend had the idea to put the ice in the shower since we didn’t have a pool and the water could go down the drain,” Massey said. 

As they were filling the shower with ice, Whiskey peeked into the bathroom to see what was going on but immediately ran away, afraid his family was going to try and bathe him. After a while, they were able to get him over to the shower — and as soon as Whiskey saw all the ice, he jumped right in. 

Kassie Massey

Whiskey was thrilled to have so much ice all for him, and he couldn’t help but roll all over it and chew on it in excitement. 

Eventually, of course, the ice began to melt, but Whiskey stayed and played with every last piece of ice for as long as he could. 

Kassie Massey

“He was there the entire time until most of the ice melted,” Massey said.

Once the ice had completely melted, Whiskey was pretty annoyed and gave his mom plenty of side-eye as she dried him off — but since he loved the ice bath so much, hopefully his family will let him take another one soon.