Singer Performs A Song To Cheer People Up — And His Dog Joins In

“Any time I play the guitar and sing, he jumps right in with some harmony!”

Kovu has been with his family since he was just a puppy, and he’s never been afraid to speak his mind and share his opinions. 

“Kovu certainly has a personality — he is sassy, loving, caring and definitely vocal,” Tate Hegstrom, Kovu’s dad, told The Dodo. “His voice allows him to show so many different emotions depending on his mood.” 

dog sings

Hegstrom works in the health care field as an administrative resident at HealthONE in Denver, but has also always been passionate about music. He learned very quickly that Kovu is a music lover as well, and sings along whenever his dad starts playing guitar. 

“Kovu started singing as soon as he could howl — since he was a puppy,” Hegstrom said. “Any time I play the guitar and sing, he jumps right in with some harmony!” 

dog sings

In his role at HealthONE, Hegstrom has seen firsthand just how important frontline workers are as the world continues to battle the coronavirus epidemic, and he decided he wanted to dedicate a song to everyone who's working so hard to help. He wanted to try and cheer people up and lift their spirits — and Kovu decided he wanted to help, too. 

Hegstrom recorded himself singing the song “Lean On Me,” and as soon as he started singing, Kovu joined in. He howled along to the song so perfectly, and at the end he leaned in to his dad, reminding everyone that we all need a little love and support.

Hegstrom posted the video and hoped it would bring a smile to at least a few faces, and was pleasantly surprised when so many people reacted to him and Kovu.

“During a time when being physically together as a community is difficult, people resort to finding community online,” Hegstrom said. “I think during this time, a video with a cute puppy who can sing a song with an uplifting message is something people needed, and it’s given people a smile.”

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