Woman Sets Up Camera To See How Her Dog Keeps Escaping

“My Nova girl is a little Houdini!”

When Ash Jordan’s beloved dog passed away in 2017, she wasn’t the only one left reeling. Her other pup Zeke was struggling with the loss of his companion, and Jordan knew there was only one thing that could ease his pain.

Enter Nova: a Boglen terrier puppy with a mind of her own. Since joining the family, Nova has added some much-needed excitement to Jordan and Zeke’s lives. Especially when she revealed her talents as a master escape artist.

It seems no matter what Jordan does to crate train Nova, the little dog will not stay inside her wire cage when her mom leaves for an hour. Jordan even started to believe that Nova had some sort of magic power.

That, or every cage she bought was defective.

“We have put things in front of the cage, like a box full of things that she shouldn't have been able to move, but she still somehow managed to escape,” Jordan told The Dodo. “We have also zip-tied it closed and she still managed to somehow break loose.”

Nova the Borden terrier breaks out of her cage
Facebook/Ash Jordan

Getting tired of coming home to find the house torn up and Nova on the loose, Jordan decided to set up a camera to film the dog’s tricks.

“We were switching cages left and right thinking the cages were faulty,” Jordan said. “We would come home to the house destroyed not knowing how in the world she got out to do it. So I decided to put a camera up to see exactly what she was doing.”

When Jordan got home to find Nova once again out of her cage, she watched the footage and couldn’t believe what she saw.

In the video, Nova inserts her paw between the wires of the cage door with surgeon-like precision. After a few attempts at undoing the latch, it’s simply a matter of using her teeth to grab the door, lift it up an inch, then nudge it open with her nose and walk out.

“My Nova girl is a little Houdini!” Jordan posted on Facebook. “We've tried different cages thinking it was the cage but nope she's just so smart she knows how to open the doors.”

Dog breaks out of wire crate
Facebook/Ash Jordan

When Nova isn’t staging highly skilled jailbreaks, she likes to snuggle with her mom and brother. It’s important for the little dog to be close to those she loves, even if she has an odd way of showing it.

Nova the dog snuggling with her brother
Facebook/Ash Jordan

“She is a little diva,” Jordan said. “She is stubborn but the most loving dog ever. She sleeps with me at night and has to be under the blankets curled up right against me.”

If Jordan wants to keep Nova inside her cage for more than five minutes, she now has to put a padlock on the door. So far this tactic has worked, but it’s only a matter of time before Nova figures out the combination.