Random Horse Wanders Into Guy's House And Makes Herself At Home

No big deal 💅

The neighborly spirit is clearly alive and well in the town of Dunedin, New Zealand.

Just ask this friendly local horse named Sharq.

Ben Telfer-Hynes

The other day, Sharq slipped away from her owner’s place to take a stroll around the neighborhood. What sort of adventures she had along the way is anyone’s guess, but we do know where she ended up.

Sharq concluded her journey by strolling into a stranger’s house — where she quickly made herself at home.

But what’s more remarkable, perhaps, is how casually Sharq was received.

Here’s a Facebook post from the homeowner who suddenly found himself playing host to a horse:


Despite having taken quite a few liberties as an uninvited guest, Sharq had found someone willing to make her part of his family if she needed one.

Thanks to that post, however, Sharq's owner Ben Telfer-Hynes was alerted to what his horse had done. Surprisingly, it wasn't all that surprising.

"She’s actually an inside horse, so it was no shock to me when I saw she was lurking inside this man's home," Telfer-Hynes told The Dodo. "I’m so glad that she was able to find such a lovely place to reside for a short while."

Ben Telfer-Hynes

The horse was safely returned to her proper residence without incident, but the story of her adventure that day isn't entirely inconsequential. It proves that in the town of Dunedin, New Zealand, a stranger is more like a friend you just haven't met yet.

And the same holds true for neighbors who say "neigh."