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Shelter Pit Bull Has Been Waiting For A Family For 3 Years

No one can understand why he hasn't found a home yet 💔

Cola came to the Yonkers Animal Shelter in October 2015 after being picked up as a stray, and since then he’s gotten very used to shelter life. He doesn’t pace or spin in circles when he’s hanging out in his enclosure. He rarely barks, and he waits patiently for his turn to go outside each day. Cola is definitely a model shelter resident — but after three years, all Cola wants is to finally find the right home and a family to love him. 

When Cola arrived at the shelter, he was already neutered, so staffers assumed he’d had a family out there at some point — but unfortunately, no one stepped up to claim him. As they got to know him better, everyone who worked at the shelter quickly fell in love with sweet, easygoing Cola, and still can’t understand why it’s taking so long for him to find a home. 

"He's very polite and doesn't make a fuss,” Leslie McCauley, a volunteer at the  shelter, told The Dodo.

Besides being around the people he loves, Cola’s favorite things in the world are being outside and playing with tennis balls. As soon as he gets outside, he picks up two tennis balls to carry around in his mouth, and then demands that whoever is outside with him throws more tennis balls for him to chase until he gets tired. He never drops the two original tennis balls, and carries them with him until it’s eventually time to go back inside. Everyone who knows him thinks that carrying the tennis balls around makes him feel safe — and that he might not need that routine anymore once he finds his forever family. 

“Goes without question that Cola’s favorite thing is being outside with tennis balls and other toys he enjoys,” McCauley said. “He’s not good with soft toys as, like many dogs, he’s anxious to find that squeaker hidden inside. While Cola loves to run after a ball, he’s also very good at amusing himself with his tennis balls and he will relax with them in his paws.” 

Cola is one of the most playful, loving dogs around, and the shelter is desperate to finally find him the incredible home he deserves. 

Staff and volunteers at the shelter have tried everything they can think of to try and find Cola a home. They even made him his own Facebook page, in hopes that people would see all of his adorable pictures and the kind words said about him and immediately fall in love. He’s had some inquiries over the years, but unfortunately, none of them have been quite the right fit.

Cola would love a home where he’s the only pet in the house. He would do best with adults and older children who understand and share his love for running around and playing outside. His sweet, easygoing and friendly nature would make Cola the perfect dog for any lucky family, and he just needs someone to take a chance on him. Cola has waited too long for a loving forever home, and his friends at the shelter are hoping that very soon, his wait will finally be over.

If you’re interested in adopting Cola, you can check out his Facebook page for more information. 
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