Dog Slides Down Hill With All Her Kid Friends

She makes everyone who watches her so happy ❤

All pups are really just kids at heart.

When Flávia Douglas stopped to eat at a restaurant with her family in Brazil recently, she had no idea the meal would include a show, but sure enough, it did. After eating, her kids and their cousins decided to go play outside the establishment. There, they quickly befriended one of the cook's dogs, Diana — who was kind enough to teach them her favorite game:

Sliding down this hill.

The video above shows just one of the group's trips down the hill; Douglas says the kids and dog did it several times, and they all got along (though that one little girl's foot nudge to Diana was almost time-out worthy). Still, when Douglas saw what was going on, it put a smile on her face — and not just hers.

"Everyone [at the restaurant] was delighted and impressed," Douglas told The Dodo, adding that the kids love it, too (of course).

Diana's owner, Vania Lucia, has been raising the dog and her siblings since they were born to a stray. She told The Dodo that Diana learned the trick from her daughter, who loves to slide down the hill as well. Since then, it's become her favorite pastime.

Keep on sliding, Diana!