Guy Finds Kittens Frozen To The Ground — And Uses His Coffee To Save Them

He got there just in time ❤

Last week, on a cold and snowy day, Kendall Diwisch spotted something unexpected on a remote back road near his home in Canada — and because he did, three tiny lives were saved.

There, huddled together in the freezing air, Diwisch had found a group of kittens who’d apparently been abandoned. He soon realized there was a reason they hadn't tried to find shelter.

“Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night,” Diwisch wrote online.

Here’s video of what happened next:

Using a thermos of warm coffee from his truck to melt the ice around them, Diwisch was able to free them.

He'd saved them just in time.

Afterward, Diwisch took the three kittens home to warm up after their ordeal and fill their bellies with food.

"They look to be healthy and friendly," he wrote.

Having escaped with their lives, the rescued kittens had good reason to be grateful for Diwisch's compassion and quick thinking — but he didn't stop there.

Diwisch posted about kittens on Facebook, and in a few short days, the kittens found a family who would love them, all together forever — adding to the hope that Diwisch had offered them at the moment they needed it most.

"All three little rascals went to their new home today where they get to be together instead of separating them," he wrote. "All three are eating and drinking and very energetic. Thanks for everyone’s consideration and offering to take them very appreciated."