Guy Comes Up With Creative Way To Take His Dog On A Walk

“Stay home to be safe and don’t forget dog happiness!"

With people around the world practicing social distancing, one pet owner came up with a creative way to let his dog enjoy her time outdoors.

This week, Vakis Demetriou posted a video showing his dog out for a stroll on the streets near their home in Cyprus — guided along the way by a remote-controlled drone.

It was an unusual sight, indeed:

Considering that the dog would still need someone close at hand to keep her safe and clean her messes, chances are this creative solution was intended more to send a message than to be put into use by others.

Truth is, even in places that have been placed under lockdown, taking pets on walks is typically still allowed. After all, as Demetriou notes in his video, it's important to look out for their happiness in these trying times:

“Stay home to be safe and don’t forget dog happiness!"