Guy Doing Chores Carefully Sweeps Around His Very Lazy Dog

"At home, we call her Carpet."

It’s not hard to see how this easygoing pup earned her name.

World, meet Lazy.

Lucho Bugallo

Lazy is a 10-year-old “guard” dog who lives in Argentina with her owner, Lucho Bugallo. Though not one to turn down a run in the park, Lazy’s great passion in life is decidedly more subdued. What she loves most is doing nothing at all.

“At home, we call her Carpet,” Bugallo told The Dodo. “She is happy spending her days lying down.”

Bugallo doesn’t seem to mind his dog’s preference for inactivity. In fact, he’s actually quite accommodating, even while tackling tasks that’d go much smoother if Lazy were to summon even the slightest bit of motivation to move.

Case in point — here’s a video of Bugallo sweeping some leaves:

Bugallo is happy to let Lazy be lazy, since that's her favorite state of being.

Her smile at the end of the day makes it worth it.

Lucho Bugallo

"She can spend all day lying down if she wants," Bugallo said. "In fact, that's why we have pets, to make sure they're happy."