Guy Stuck In Traffic Finds The Sweetest Way To Pass The Time

He saw a face that needed petting ❤️

The other day, Shelby Wardell was driving along a freeway in Michigan when things came to a dead stop. As she sat there waiting in the traffic jam, something caught her eye.

Several cars ahead of Wardell, a man was exiting his vehicle. 

“I saw this guy walking over to [a] truck,” Wardell told The Dodo. “I obviously didn't know what was going on.” But soon it all became clear.

Turns out, he'd left his car to pet a pup:

Though standstill traffic can sometimes bring out the worst in people, for him it did the opposite. The random motorist had found the sweetest way to pass the time that day — passing along a little love in the process.

"The dog was so happy," Wardell said. "It was so cute!"

And, no doubt, those who watched the scene unfold from their cars felt a little happier, too.