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Guy Gives Girlfriend Pillow Of Her Dog For Christmas β€” But Something Looks Very Off

"Honestly, I thought it looked good the entire time! I only started to doubt myself after I showed my friends and family the completed project."

When it comes to giving gifts, it's really just the thought that counts.

(But sometimes, perspective matters quite a bit, too.)

Johnny Hanly

This year for Christmas, Johnny Hanly wanted to give his girlfriend something special. Since moving away from home for college, she isn't able to see her beloved dog, Luke, nearly as much as she'd like. So, being a thoughtful partner, Hanly decided to gift her a cozy, handmade object in Luke's likeness.

"She still loves him more than anything," Hanly told The Dodo. "I knew that a pillow of him that she could see everyday would be a great present."

With that, Hanly found a photo of Luke and had it printed on fabric. Despite having no sewing experience, he then put together the plush creation himself.

Unbeknownst to Hanly at first though, something about the pillow seemed, well, a little off.

Johnny Hanly

Hanly was proud of his work β€” but then he consulted others who were thrown off by the Luke pillow. Like, what is going on here exactly?

Maybe this is the right angle instead?

Johnny Hanly

Hmm. That's somehow even weirder.

Hanly was stumped as to what people were seeing in the pillow that he was not.

"Honestly, I thought it looked good the entire time! I only started to doubt myself after I showed my friends and family the completed project," Hanly said. "I think since I was staring at the source image for hours while stitching it, I knew what position he was sitting in, so it didn't look weird to me. However, after seeing everyone's reactions to it, I can totally see why they think it looks like a weird pretzel monster."

Fortunately, Luke isn't actually a pretzel monster, as evidenced by the photo Hanly had printed.

Here's another look at Hanly's pillow, with annotations explaining what's going on.


Even after realizing how his gift was confusing to some folks, Hanly was sure his girlfriend would still appreciate it. And sure enough:

"She loves it!" Hanly said.

Johnny Hanly

For Luke, meanwhile, the pillow took some getting used to.

"He was a little confused at first but he didn't seem to mind," Hanly said.

Johnny Hanly

So, it really is the thought that counts — especially when it comes to honoring such a sweet pup. Still, Hanly has learned one lesson from the experience:

"In retrospect, I will definitely choose a more 2D picture if I make another pillow," he said.