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Guy Finds Sweetest Cat Photos Inside 120-Year-Old Time Capsule

"She wanted her beloved cat not to be forgotten."

A lot can change over the years, decades and centuries — but love felt for cherished pets has endured for generations.

That’s a sweet truth photographer Mathieu Stern recently learned firsthand.

YouTube/Mathieu Stern

Working on a tip from a relative, Stern was lucky to find a time capsule hidden inside an old family home. Judging from the array of objects inside, likely placed there by a little girl, Stern believes it dates to around the turn of the 20th century.
Among those 120-year-old items, a gateway into their collector’s interest, Stern found something that offered a glimpse into her heart.
It was a set of photo negatives which Stern then developed — revealing sweet photos of clearly adored pets.

Here’s video showing Stern’s discovery, and the developing process:

Each object inside the time capsule no doubt was of importance to that little girl more than a century ago, though the reasons why have been lost to time. But the motive behind the photos remains clear as the day they were taken.

“She wanted her beloved cat not to be forgotten,” Stern said.

And thanks to this little girl’s time capsule, that love she had for her pets lives on.