Guy Discovers Just What His Cat Is Up To While He's Sleeping

"I can't stay mad at that floof ball" 😂

This is Tormund — a friendly (yet assertive) orange cat who isn't afraid to go after what he wants, no matter the hour he wants it.

And he's not about to take "zzz" for an answer.

Aaron Brown

A few months ago, Aaron Brown adopted Tormund from a local rescue group. While having a cat around for company has been fun, Brown wasn't expecting the way his new pet would impact his nights.

Turns out, Tormund considers sleepy time something of a competitive sport.

When the lights are out and Brown is out cold, Tormund likes to wage playful war — pawing and pouncing at his dozing owner as if to keep the Sandman at bay.

Brown decided to make a video to show his friends what a night with Tormund entails:

Though Brown was well aware that his cat was active at night, seeing just how much so still came as a surprise.

Tormund might not be the most ideal bedmate when it comes to getting uninterrupted sleep, but Brown still wouldn't have him any other way — chalking up the behavior to a show of affection.

Aaron Brown

"It's been great [having Tormund]," Brown told The Dodo. "There's zero regret about adopting him. I might get a bit less sleep, but I can't stay mad at that floof ball."