Guy Catches His 'Guard Dog' Napping On The Job

"She’s the most relaxed dog I’ve ever met in my life" 😂🐶💤

This little dog named Gracie is good at many things, but especially one thing in particular: doing nothing at all.

"She is the definition of chill," Scott Hubbard, Gracie's owner, told The Dodo. "She’s the most relaxed dog I’ve ever met in my life."

That laziness, however, makes Gracie a terrible, terrible guard dog.

Though Hubbard and his family certainly didn't adopt Gracie with the purpose of home defense, they assumed that the little dog would start yapping in the yard to alert them if anything ever went wrong.

But, as it turns out, getting all worked up over things isn't really Gracie's style.

"She’s a complete opposite of a stereotypical Chihuahua," Hubbard said.

Case in point — here's a short video of Gracie on guard duty:

When asked to rate Gracie's guard dog performance, Hubbard doesn't hold back: "0/10." was his reply.

That said, while any potential home invaders aren't likely to feel intimidated by Gracie, seeing her at her post just might deter them anyway.

"They would relax with her and have a drink together," Hubbard predicts.

Sure, Gracie's no crime stopper — but she pulls her weight at home in other ways.

"She is extremely loving and happy," Hubbard said, adding that, despite her being so chill, she's also consistent. "I never have to think, 'I wonder what Gracie is doing?' She’s in the same spot when we leave and when we get back. Her personality is exactly what you see."

And in the end, the world actually does feel a little safer knowing Gracie's out there taking it easy for the rest of us.